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After I made my video and wrote about „What is Industrial dance“ I got requested to make a video about „What is Cybergothic“ as well.  And I decided to write a little blog about this topic as well. :)  I hope I got everything right, but I missed an important point or made a mistake feel free to leave a comment.

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The gothic scene developed in the 1980´s out of the punk and new-wave environment. It is a subculture that defines itself over the music, aesthetics and fashion and a fascination everything dark and spooky, death and transientness. Goth themselves often refer to their so-called dark soul.

The goth scene is a group that has many subcultures within the subculture. One of them is the Cybergoth scene.

Cybergothic come up around the turn of millennium and it combines elements from the gothic scene and the rave scene. Like the gothic scene the cybergoth define themselves over their fashion, aesthetics and music. But they don´t focus so much on topics like death, transientness and romantic. Their main subject are dark future scenarios like shown in movies Matrix, Divergent, Edge of Tomorrow or Mad Max.

The music that is related to the cybergothic scene is dark electronic music that can be danced to, like Industrial, EBM,  Aggrotech or  Future Pop. Topical bands are XRX, Noisuf-X, Centhron, Phosgore, and Hocico.

The word Industrial Music was originally used for very experimental  music. But somehow it developed into a word for harsh electronic dance music that is often listened too in Goth clubs.

Very influential on the Cyber goth scene was the band Eisenfunk, especially with their often viewed music video to "Pong" and "Pentafunk".

Eisenfunk - Pong - Video

"Normal Goth" - (Sebstian Columbine)

Very characteristic for the cybergothic scene is the fashion. It is very futuristic. The clothes that are worn mostly look like clothes that other goth would wear as well like riped tights, skirts, hot pants, corsets, and platform boots. But the choice of color is often different, many cybergoth combine black with bright or neon colors. Sometimes also more rave like clothes are chosen. The mainly elements that define cybergothic are the accessories like googles, glas masks, fluffies and the hairpieces. The hairpieces can be made out of different material like synth etic dreads, crim or foamies. Sometimes just one piece is worn, sometimes two. Like in other gothic cultures a lot of black is used for the makeup


Often associated with the cybergothic scene is the industrial dance. But not every cybergoth is an industrial dancer and not every industrial dancer is a cybergoth. However there is a big overlap.

At the end I want to finish with some personal thoughts.

There has been a big controversial within the goth scene whether cybergothic even belongs to the goth scene and sometimes also insults. I find it sad that a scene that is often enough despised by society has the need to disdain a group within their scene.

Cybergothic developed from the gothic scene. Also many cybergoths come from a more traditional gothic style and often enough return to a more traditional Goth style. For myself I can say that I will go to a more romantic/Victorian style when I get older because I think that at a certain age I won´t feel comfortable wearing bright neon colors anymore. 

In my opinion Cybergothic was the style of a new generation of Goths. And I think that in 10 years time there might develop a new Goth style from the next generation of Goths, that the scene might don´t like at first so much. But that’s how life goes, you get older and new things come up that you don´t understand so much anymore. Just be open minded and respectful because you were young once too.

Some Examples of Cybergothic Styles

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