27. WGT (Wave-Gotik-Treffen) 2018

What a festival! WGT 2018 is over and I am having a festival blues. This year the festival was simply amazing. At least for me – a lot of other people they would have found my time schedule too stressful, but I enjoyed every minute of it.




I arrived in Leipzig on Thursday evening. In general Thursday was a bit stressful – first getting my luggage to the train station (1 suitcase, a bag, a handbag and a backpack). Then the trip with the train –  taking all my stuff to a hotel close to Leipzig Main Station to get their my artist wrist band – taking my stuff back to the train station, picking up 2 extra big suit cases that I shipped via post – then taking all my stuff to a taxi and  finally arriving at the Agra camping ground.  Fortunately my friends helped me setting up my tent and then we went to party together in the evening in the Agra 2.0. I danced a lot, met my friends from Synthattack there and was able to talk to Freya (it´s Black Friday) shortly.






On Friday with time schedule was really full. @11 am I had to be in the Sixtina for my gig with System Noire @ 12am. The Sixtina was really full and I loved my outfit. The Sixtina is a really beautiful location but unfortunately a bit small and you don´t have a big spot in front of the stage for people to stand there and watch the show.



After the concert I went back to the Agra and met there Allison (The Goblin Queen), her husband Braidskiis and more friends. That woman is so nice and so funny. I really wished she didn´t live so so far away (USA)^^


Then I grabbed my stuff for my next gig, met with my friend Lady Flauschig to go together to Haus Leipzig. We went around backstage, got ready and annoyed the security, because we accidentally always wanted to enter the male bathroom. (I really don´t know why, that door just felt a lot more intuitive).





Our gig together was Extize was absolutely amazing and definitely my WGT highlight. I don´t know how many, but maybe 1000 people e were watching us dance on Stage :) And it was such a fun gig as well. The guys from Extize are really fun to be around.  I later on watched a bit of Centhron and I did see a bit of Phosgore beforehand as well.



Saturday in had most of the day off and was able to wear one of my demon outfits. I went around the Agra area and the Heidnisches Village. It really feels like the medieval market is growing every year a bit more. One of my friends has a little shop there called Crea Cora. So I visited her there.




In the evening me and Lady Flauschig were on stage again, together with the dance group vixxxen who already joined us in the Extize gig on Friday.  We danced from 23pm until 2am in the Agra 2.0 disco on Stage. Afterwards we were really done and I missed out on the fetish party again. So that´s still on my WGT bucket list – hopefully I make in next year.






On Sunday was our gig with Synthattack in the Nontox. Since the Nontox is a long drive with the tram away from the Agra area, that´s where I went straight too after getting ready in the morning. Our gig was @16 pm. Unfortunately there went a couple of things wrong. The Nontox wasn´t able to play the videos Synthattack prepared and they also didn’t warn us about their “time-limited” so they just cutted the last song from the set – in which me and Lady Flauschig were supposed to dance again. So we got ready for 4 hours just to dance for 1 song on stage which was pretty disappointing. But this was our practice for the Amphi festival and in German we have the saying that if the last practice goes really wrong, the gig will be amazing. So I am really looking forward to our concert with Synthattack @the Amphi Festival 2019.




I stayed the rest of the day there drank beer, had a nice talk to [X]-RX and enjoyed the concerts of Painbastard, Arise-X and [X]-RX.







And then it was ready Monday. This was my day off – so I got into my second really cool but unpractical outfit and went around the Agra area, the Heidnisches village and too the Südfriendhof (a super nice graveyard). For the evening I changed into something more dance-able.


I really loved to see the concerts from Rummelsnuff, Faderhead, Grendel and God Module.


Also I met Allison and Brady again and we ended up running into Simon (CoalCandy), Freya (It´s Black Friday), Caligo Bastet and Adora Batbrat :D


They invited me to come to the Moritz Bastei with them, but at that point I was already so done that I decided to go to bed – my daughter needs me today so I couldn´t be to done.




This was my WGT for this year. We were lucky that the weather wasn´t as cold as the weather report told us, even so the night in the tent were still really freezing.  I met a lot of old and new friends, danced and had gig, enjoy really nice food and partied a lot. And I have a really bad festival blues already. See you next year at WGT 2019!!!




Ciwana Black


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