Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) 2019 - Leipzig

This year's WGT was my second with a pregnancy belly. My older daughter is now 3 years old now and with her in the belly I was also at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen. So in a way, I already knew what to expect and what I can do and what I can't do with a belly inhabitant. First things first: the WGT was super amazing and I was happy that I was still able to go. It was a lot "slower" then usual and with only 3-4 concerts, but at least I was there. Biggest set-back for me however as the Pagan Village (Heidnisches Dorf). I will come to that later.

I arrived in Leipzig as usual on Thursday evening. However to a much later time then usual - because I had to give my master thesis defense right before hopping into the train. I got picked up by my friend, festival and stage partner in crime Lady Flauschig. Originally the plan was to camp together on the camping ground, however due to my belly that was postponed for a later WGT. After getting my stuff into the flat, we  went to the Agra area that evening to pick up my festival ribbon and meet up with a couple of friends. The pre-party was to loud for the baby so we went to bed pretty early.


On Friday we got ready for the Victorian Picnic. I always love coming back, because people seem to be so relaxed and you get to see some of the most amazing outfits of the entire WGT. The little café that in the middle of the park also upgrade it´s amount of toilets, so the queue was a lot shorter this year. (Unfortunatelly the queue for the ice cream was much longer, so I didn´t get one).

After the picnic we went to the Haus Leipzig for the Synthattack gig. Usually I am on stage with Lady Flauschig together, however this time I found a very good replacement for myself. Snowy Firefly will be dancing instead of myself as long as I have my pregnancy belly. But I was allowed to stay on the gallery to see the gig. Otherwise it would have been to crowed for me and the belly, but in this way I got to enjoy the concert. (Thank you very much to the event manager for letting me sit there).

For me that was already my Friday. After the concert I was starving and after having food I was so done that I went to bed. But I send out Lady Flauschig to dance and party for me.

Our Saturday started super early. Because friends of us have a new band called TOAL and we wanted to support them as they played as opener in the Nontox. They are all experienced musicians that play in multiple bands, but as TOAL it was only their second gig. The gig was really nice and I am sure for the next gigs we get to sleep longer, as they make their way up the line-up. :D

After TOAL we went back to the flat to finish our hair and makeup. Afterwards we did a short trip to the Agra area, however only shortly afterwards I meet a lot of friends that wanted to go back to the Nontox for Epinephrine, Noisuf-X and Centron. We took the cap to the location, because the Nontox the the worst location to reach out of all locations of the WGT I have been so far. Additionally they also had a replacement bus service they year, which took extra long. The concert of Ephinephrine was really nice and I was able to dance a bit. Much to my disappointment they enhanced the bass by a lot when Noisuf-X started, so that I had to go, because it was again to loud for my baby. So that was my Saturday, it was super fun nevertheless.

Our Sunday started super late and it took us ages to get ready. Because Lady Flauschig and me were already pretty done from the festival. When we finally got ready and reached the festival area, we run into to friend photographers, who`s model had just cancelled them. So we spontaneously went to a photo shoot with them. Lady Flauschig went afterwards to see Soman in the Täubchental. And I wanted to go inside the Heidnisches Villages. Well - my part didn`t go as planed.

The Pagan Village (Heidnisches Dorf) was a huge disappointment this year - because they are only interested into profit and not that people actually enjoy it. The Pagan Village is independent of the WGT - however they work together since years. The pagan village is one of the few places were you can go with a day ticket without buying the entire festival ribbon. However - they are selling day tickets without limits. So that people who paid the entire festival price can not get inside anymore. The queue for the village was at 3 days up until the train station. So about 500m! If you didn´t get inside the pagan village by mid-day you could not get inside at all and once you were inside you couldn´t go outside again, because...you wouldn´t get back inside. In the village itself it was so crowed that it was also not much fun. For me the pagan village was always essential for the WGT. When you didn´t have anything else to do you would go inside, have a honey wine, some sweets and chill out on the meadow. However this was not possible this year. It was especially disappointing, since I was pregnant and couldn´t see most concerts. So the pagan village was actually one of the things I really wanted to do. Just sit in the meadow and listen to some nice music from afar. To be honest, I am not sure, whether I will pay the festival ribbon again, if they don´t find a solution for this. The ticket got more and more expensive over the last year`s and they cut more and more things that are included. If the pagan village is now also not available anymore then I don´t see a point in spending so much money.

On Monday we got up early again - because at least once I wanted to go inside the pagan village. However there was on music playing and the moment and my friend didn´t want to be there, because she ''forgot'' to eat again in the morning, so we went outside again soon. On that day, I pretty much only did some walking through the Agra area and enjoying some food and good conversations there and on the camping ground. And then it was already time to get back to the train station and leave Leipzig again.

So was WGT fun? Yes! I am happy that I went and didn´t let my pregnancy prevent me from having fun. However I was very much disappointed with the Pagan Village disaster. Will I go next year again? Properly, but only if they find a better solution for the pagan village. If they don´t find a solution I will simply do the without-a-ticket WGT. So Friday Victorian Picnic, Saturday a day-ticket for the Pagan Village. In the evening Nontox (you can get day tickets for that as well). Because if I go next year, it will be with my entire family, 5 days are too long to be without my then born baby. And as the family we will have the same problem - most concerts are to noisy, the Agar area is not so nice to sit and play at. So it really depends upon if and how they manage to solve the Heidnisches Dorf situation. Otherwise the tickets are simply to over-priced for the service I get.

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    Rob lew (Wednesday, 10 July 2019 21:22)

    Fantastic review.I would hope that yourself and your network of friends etc would contact the organisers of the village and express your concerns on unlimited tickets.It is sad to think that anything could affect your fantastic smile and radiant personality.Keep up the good work and hope your childbirth goes smoothly.�


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