Amphi Festival 2019 - Köln

Amphi Festival 2019 was super fun again. Also it was again a bit different for me, since I am (still) pregnant - now in week 33.

This means I have to stick to outside locations, where it´s not so noisy and not too crowed. However I am just so happy, that I am still able to go to festivals and there were a couple of really good bands playing outside on the main stage.

My friends and me arrived in Cologne on Friday evening. Usually that´s the evening of the pre-party. Well, I had to miss out on that - since it is inside. We went to pick up our festival wrist bands and found a every nice restaurant in Cologne to eat dinner.

Photo: Firemoon Pictures - Amphi Festival 2019
Photo: Firemoon Pictures

Saturday started pretty early. A friend of mine spontaneously organized a little "cyber-meeting" - to be honest, I would rather have it called "industrial dance meeting" since it is more inclusive. Not all industrial dancers and ex-das-klubbers are Cybergoth. The meeting was set to be at 11 am - I made it there at 11:30. Getting ready in the morning just takes 3 hours, especially if you have a big belly in front of you that makes moving around a bit harder. I had a very nice photo-shoot with Ulrich Waschul afterwards - I take pictures with him every year. In general festivals are starting for me to become more like family-and-friends meetings. I didn´t even check the Amphi Lineup beforehand. I just knew I had to be there to meet "my people". And a couple of good bands are always playing.

I saw a bit of Chrom, Hocico and Lord of the Lost that day. My highlight was definitely Hocico. Unfortunately I was so done, that I had to leave Lord of the Lost early. Just before a big rain shower started. I missed Blutengel which I would have loved to see, but baby comes first this year. :) The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful for me - having a nice dinner, enjoying the bathtub in my hotel room and then crushing into my bed. I really hope everyone else went on to party! :D Besides this rain shower the weather for Amphi Festival was actually perfect this year. Not to warm, not to cold, not to rainy, not to sunny. Perfect for running around the entire day and dance. :)



Sunday started later - which was nice. Some people really wanted to do an industrial dance video at the Amphi again. My friend Lunara organized a meeting point very spontaneous - and I stumbled into the responsibility of filming and editing a week after my Amphi impressions video, there should be also an industrial dance video from Amphi 2019 online. However I really want to do it properly organized next year again. But a couple of friends (Anoxia, Frettchen, Lunara, me)...already decided, that next year that will happen. :)

This day I saw Faderhead and a bit of Welle:Erdball. Faderhead was definitely my festival highlight. The gig was super fun and the people were having a great party. I missed out on Nachtmahr that day - because they played inside.

The rest of my day was again pretty uneventful but nevertheless super nice. I spend most of the time talking to friends, that I haven`t met in a long time. And when everyone left for Nachtmahr, I left again for the hotel - straight into the bathtub.


So that was my Amphi Festival. I was forced to miss out on a lot of things, nevertheless I am super happy that even in 9th month I am still fit enough to travel and attend festivals. And it´s only 9 month, so next year it will be a lot different again - I will be able to go to inside locations, dance a lot, drink a bit. But most importantly I will meet my friends at Amphi 2020 also again. :)


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